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Source: National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 2015 Resource Guide Sexual assault of college students remains a topic of considerable concern across the nation’s campuses, particularly when it comes to how colleges handle sexual assault cases.According to the data above, sexual offenses are the second highest crime on college campuses, just behind burglaries.According to RAINN, the majority of stalking victims in the United States are between 18 and 24 years old. Department of Justice, activities that fall under sexual assault include forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, fondling, attempted rape, incest, and child molestation.Sexual Assault An umbrella term, sexual assault is any form of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without freely given consent of the recipient, man or woman. Rape Legally defined as any form of sexual penetration–with anything–without complete and freely given consent.Rape is a type of sexual assault, but not all sexual assault is rape.Additionally, while rape can be committed by a stranger, it is important to also note that it can happen anywhere and can be done by anyone, even an individual that the victim knows.Life on campus comes with newfound excitement and fun, particularly for students living away from home for the first time, but it may also come with risks.Learn more about college crimes, including sexual violence, and where and how to find information, support, and help for yourself and others.

In some cases, victims may fear reporting the crime for a number of personal reasons.A person may have diminished capacity if he or she has behavioral or intellectual challenges.It can also happen if an individual is intoxicated.Examples include following a person, watching from a distance, waiting for someone at a certain location, or contacting a person’s family and friends without permission.Stalking can also be done via repeated phone calls, social media messages, texts, and unwanted gifts.Acquaintance Rape Also called “date rape”, acquaintance rape can occur in the early stages of a relationship or with a friend or someone the student knows.It is important to note that even if these individuals were in a prior relationship, consent can be revoked at any time, which means rape can also happen any time.Below is an overview of the different types of sexual violence most common on college campuses: Sexual Harassment This is defined as any unwanted sexual attention or advances from an individual or group and can be verbal and/or physical. Stalking Stalking is defined as repeated and unwanted attention, contact, or harassment, particularly when it causes an individual to feel unsafe or fearful.This can happen with or without a person’s knowledge.Whether big or small, rural or urban, personal safety and security on campus are big concerns for students and parents across the country.This guide provides students and their concerned parents with critical information, important statistics, and expert guidance on the subject of college campus safety and sexual assault, awareness, and emergency response.

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