Dating clay smoking pipes

Clay pipes convey the true flavor of any blend you try.There is no flavor carryover or “ghosting” from one bowl to the next.This example is of a style most commonly produced c1880-1920, but it could be later, and it could have been made by any one of a number of manufacturers. Clay pipe bowl dating from the early modern period, i.d. It is decorated with a wheatsheaf on the left hand side of the bowl and a bird on the right, both of which are surrounded by foliage and flowers.These motifs belong to a regional style of decoration found in the North West.

The bowl, spur and part of the stem are still present. It measures 43.1mm by 31.2mm by 18.8mm and weighs 10.6g. The design shows the bust of an Admiral on the left hand side with a Union Flag and Britannia seated on the right hand side.

The pipe fragment measures 41.6mm length, bowl diameter 17.9mm, heel diameter 11.6mm, weight 9.24 grams.

Typical Broseley style pipe, fitting David Atkinson's Broseley Type 2 classification, dated to 1660-1668 (Atkinson 1975).

The bowl has a milled rim, and is decorated with irregularly placed, thorn-like protrusions which continue onto the stem. On the heal is a stamp which reads GE/ORGE/WEB within a circle. This was a popular arrangement of motifs used by several of the Portsmouth Harbour area makers, and Frost himself made several versions of this design, including one with the word TRAFALGAR moulded around the Admiral's bust.

These pipes were clearly made to commemorate the famous battle i…

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