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There is a through-line to Nazi experimentations, and while the film as a whole is fairly spotty there are enough good jump scares, photo-realistic gore and heads in Aldi bags to keep Anatomie from falling apart.

Compared to the stoic dramas for which Germany is now most known (The Lives of Others, Downfall) the film’s humour is a welcome addition.

Night Watch is proof that whatever Hollywood can create, Russia will create a darker, and more idiosyncratic version.

Characters, if characters are written well, should have wants and desires: To get the girl, to win the thing, to defeat evil.

Eager to exact revenge from the grave, Igna targets three young visitors.

The trio must fight for their lives in this nail-biting supernatural thriller from the Philippines.

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Originally commissioned as a four-part mini-series until the powers that be decided the material deserved the cinematic treatment, Night Watch became a record-breaking box office hit in Russia.

The film settings are located among the scenic and rural areas of Vigan showcasing the rich custom of the Filipinos with utmost detail on camera work and production.

The amazing cinematic and special effects, plus the superb handling of some scary scenes will definitely offer the viewers a clear sense of the strange and unfamiliar...

In this way Them uses light, and lack of light, to highly frightening effect – claustrophobia-inducing tunnels, semi-transparent hung plastic sheeting and a lone television illuminating a room are some of the best examples. The French/Romanian Them is much more sinister; less a judgement of nuclear weaponry, more a statement about how desensitized to violence children are now.

A threadbare home-invasion scenario is all the plotting directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud need to hang their intensely suspenseful and thrilling film. Based around an apparently true story where a group of Romanian schoolchildren brutally murdered a husband and wife, their defence being that “they didn’t want to play with us”.

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