Koyuki matsuyama

plus I just what you think your ideal woman is and personally even though I dont know much about you because the media from Japan is barely brought here I think that your a really sweet loving person and that your ideal woman will find you and fall in love with you with an honest heart like you said. hi ken'ichi i like all your movies specialy death note your are the best but the end of L : change the word is litle sad because L is dead!!!!!!!!! someday i will making my own manga and i want you to be my protagonist in my movie... Nice Job keep it up KEN'ichi Matsumaya..............

And if the rumors are true your going out with someone I hope you have a wonderful relationship with her, shes super lucky to have ever met you:-) and I´m soo happy to know that your b-day is nine days before mine, I´m born on the 14th:-) And theres three things I want to say before I log out. so your are the best actor in death note and anata ga daisuki desu ken'ichi (L) Hello I am a Brazilian fan and I admire his work, in addition to its beauty.

Ken'ichi Matsuyama was born in Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture in 1985. In 2002 Ken'ichi made his debut as an actor landing a small role in the NTV drama "Gokusen" as Kenichi Mori.

In 2003, Ken'ichi expanded to movies and landed his first supporting role in Bright Future.

I will say this he certainly carried over the "eating aspects" of his character portrayal as L in the Death Note movies. *.* Watashi wa Matsuken no Fansu dayo~~ Nee, Kenichi-san.. I hope kennichi matsuyama will be given a breakthrough movie in hollywood!!! I hope you can meet your fans in Indonesia You are so awesome especially in the movie Death Note anyway I'm a big fan , oh yeah I heard u married Koyuki _ lol I'm slightly jealous but HEY I am Happy that you are happy. And that's the only movies/doramas I've ever seen him on yet... Hi Kenichi, Hope you had a lovely birthday last week. and your the hottest detective in any movie that i have ever seen i am a total fan. ur acting in death note and L change the world was FAB!!!!! Hi L (I am from Myanmar ) I like your style in Dead note I watched this the whole night and watched from 1 to 3 You act so good and I like u and love u one day I will see and find u in Japan I love u Kenichi Mat su ya ma i drool everytime i see him : D i had to calm myself down when i was watching 'don't laugh at my romance' trailer, especially in the kissing part...

Because there hasn't been an episode yet where he wasn't stuffing his face and trying to talk at the same time... I like his acting huntex x hunter..movie plot is just right for a mega hollywood movie....holly producers pls get this movie more compelling always chooses difficult roles that he plays flawlessly and he has many comments on his page which is no surprise because even if he doesn't play the main character kenichi can play many different characters Kenichi you are the greatest actor, you can be everyone, and you are body language when you act it's so perfect ! Please visit South Africa Durban , I'd realli love to meet you some day. U and koyuki would have the cutest baby ever lol BEST OF LUCK BEING A NEW DADDY! I'm still about to watch Gantz and plenty of others!!! I've watched about 30 doramas and japanese movies so far and you're the best japanese actor I have ever seen. I also hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and sound and weren't caught in the disastrous quake. and as u say'happiness wil always be near' in L change the world and guess what ur my happiness and you'll always be NEAR to me i am a total fan i addad nearly 100 people to dis petition soooooooooooooo u kenichi matsuyama canbe in the movie i luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hello kenichi!! because if i didn't, i'll destroy something i cried for hours after watching 'L change the world'...

Ken'ichi's acting career expanded with his role as Shin in the 2005 movie Nana.

His major breakthrough came in 2006 with Ken'ichi's charismatic performance as "L" in Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name.

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And i just laugh my ass off when i watch Kenichi getting all worked up over the simplest things. I knew you for the first time when I saw Death Note. But th-then, I want to wish you a happy life with your family.. just keep on doing your works and all your fans will always support you especially me. I'm still amused with his performance at Zeni Geba, Death Note and Detroit Metal City.. Arigato for being the type of person you are i luv u l.

For one thing it teaches kids not to be bullied and to stick up for themselves and who they are as individuals.

It also teaches them about growing up, becoming independent on there own, building there self-esteem and confidence, and taking responsibility for there actions.

I like how you give your roles different mannerisms.

I like how you ran differently in Sexy Voice and Robo, L: Change the World, Detroit Metal City and Usagi Drop and even in running you make us feel for the characters and move the story forward. Thank you for bring such unique, funny and likable to life on the screen.

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