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This is what is called multidimensional analysis and thinking, answering the question “is this true, and why? In this regard, as I said, there’s a good argument to be made that Q Anon is part of an alliance working to restore order and end the madness of the psychopathic dark occultists in power.One reason for this is the following article, which has demonstrated that the Tripcodes and User IDs sued by Q Anon on forums like 4chat and 8chan are themselves codes referring to published works on Google Books.And when the main theater door opens everyone scatters like rats back to their seats while attempting to cover their exposed body parts, and trying to act like nothing is going on.The last time we went there was another couple besides us, but 2 females haven't got a chance against 8 eager strangers, we had hands and everything else rubbing against our bodies.But as one begins to explore the now prolific amount of information pouring through Q on internet forums like 4chan and 8chan, it becomes clear that this is likely no hoax from the hands a few bored basement dwellers.

The mainstream media and skeptics assert that Q is nothing but a LARP or a live-action role play, a kind of elaborate prank.

But given that a primary focus of my truth-seeking work has been to learn and master the skill of discernment, particularly epistemological analysis of claims and evidence, I’d say that there is an overwhelming case to be made that Q is indeed what it purports to be—an individual or group of white hats using elaborate and effective means of distributing information to the public.

That being said I do not formulate black and white unidimensional appraisals of information. I strive to entertain many different possibilities of whether something could be true, supporting those conjectures with evidence arguments that makes each one less or more plausible.

Or in a grander sense, if Q Anon was either a cointelpro operation or a LARP, why would the information describe true and valid aspects of corruption and the control systems on earth? Salla’s books, Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence was presented as part of the catalog of books decoded from Q posts.

Some of these posts describe century-long banking practices and corruption, like the Rothschilds, according to researcher and writer Dr. Coherence, in epistemology, says that a thing is true because the substance of the claim agrees with established knowledge—things that are already regarded to be true.

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