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In 2014 two other African American firefighter museums opened, one in Chicago and one in Denver. A visit here is a unique insight into the early African American fireman in the LAFD and the struggles they had to fight before and post department segregation.

The fire station closed down in 1980 and became “home” to a number of homeless over the years.

It is housed in fire station # 30 and opened to the public in 19997.

For more information visit: American Firefighter Museum is located at 1401 S.

Central Ave and have limited hours on select days of the week.

I’ve tried about 3-4 different prenatal massages in the area and none compared to the skill and knowledge about how to make a pregnant woman feel relaxed and comfortable.

The actual space is gorgeous, very calm and soothing, and after the amazing massage, they give you yummy hot tea and fresh fruit.

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